Compound Calendula Lotion

Lotion Recipe (via Rosemary Gladstar)

Group 1
3/4 cup olive oil, apricot or almond oil (infused with medicinal plants)
1/3 cup coconut oil or cocoa butter
1 tsp lanolin
1/2–1 oz grated beeswax 

Group 2
2/3 cup distilled water or compound tincture (see recipe below)
1/3 cup aloe vera gel
drop or 2 of desired essential oil 

  • Put Group 1 in pot or double boiler. 

  • Heat just enough to melt.

  • Cool to room temperature (until it just starts becoming opaque/solid).

  • Can cool in fridge to save time. 

  • Start mixing Group 1 with immersion blender, moving oils with spatula.

  • Gradually pour Group 2 into group 1 while continuing to blend. 

  • When blender chokes and mixture starts to look like icing, stop blending.

  • If water and oil separate, shake before using or re-blend.

  • Lasts at least 6 months as is. 

Compound Calendula Tincture Recipe
from Douglas Schar’s The Backyard Medicine Chest

  • Harvest whole plant in full bloom

  • plants per 10 cups water infusion/10 cups tincture (recipe can be scaled down accordingly)

  • Gently wash and chop plants to fill jars. 

  • Fill one jar (gallon) with material of 5 plants and pour 10 cups of boiling water over it.

  • Cover and let stand until cool.

  • Strain and squeeze out liquid using cheese cloth or strainer.

  • Store water solution in fridge.

  • Cover 5 chopped plants with 10 cups 100-proof vodka.

  • Cover jar and store in dark place for two weeks, shaking daily. 

  • Strain and squeeze.

  • Mix water and alcohol solution together; it should be shelf stable.

  • Keep mixture out of light or in dark container to avoid destroying some of the medicinal constituents.

  • Add to lotion recipe.

To make infused oil, fill jar with calendula petals or freshly-dried whole blossoms and cover with olive oil. Steep in a warm place for 1-2 weeks.

Kristy Bredin