Kristy’s intimacy with the native plants of the region and her knowledge of their medicinal uses is inspiring. She is a generous and knowledgeable teacher, and has created an in-depth experiential apprenticeship that is fun, enlivening, and educational.
— Norris Carlson, 2017 Apprentice

Kristy walks between the scientific and spiritual worlds of herbalism. Through direct experience with plants, making medicine, and research, she guides an intimate, holistic and wondrous journey with herbs.
— Colleen Stewart, 2017 Apprentice

The class yesterday was epic and I am left feeling inspired and excited for the next one! I loved teaming up with Kristy Bredin to organize and teach this class. Despite the rain it just all felt as it was meant to be. We identified about a dozen of the most common and useful local seaweeds and covered a ton of information, combined with hands-on demos and actual harvesting. Feeling grateful and honored to spend this time with such a great group of people and to share in this connection with the sea and a precious resource that is such a part of who I am. Most of all thanks to Kristy Bredin & Mermaid Botanicals for inspiring me to make the time for this this summer.
— Learner Limbach, Seaweed Class Co-Teacher

Thank you again for a great class the other day. Lots of really great knowledge from two passionate beings. I really loved how you both laid heavy emphasis on the experience that comes with harvesting from the Sea. How that ties into our well being as a whole community and planet, just spending time to know it a little more each time is invaluable. I feel the practice works wonders when embedded into the culture....We see the Sea but the interactions might be few and far between for some. This link is the link to caring for this wondrous resource and have been thinking of ways to bring that in.
— J.B., Seaweed Class Participant