The Apprenticeship Program will resume in Spring 2020.


Immerse yourself in the cycle of the seasons and connect with the magic and beauty of our landscape in this in-depth study of edible and medicinal plants, seaweeds, and Western Herbalism. Much more than books and notes, this apprenticeship is a life-changing experience: 

  • an opportunity to explore the world of plants through sensory awareness

  • to make medicine and share wisdom in community

  • to feel supported and nourished by a group of like-minded individuals

  • to change the world through the healing power of plants

This course is part of 3-year cycle through which participants will gain a well-rounded knowledge in:

  • How to identify, harvest, and process native and naturalized plants for food and medicine

  • Sustainable wildcrafting

  • The role of medicinal plants in our ecosystem

  • Invasive plant medicine

  • Wild plants as nutritional support and medicine for mind, body, and spirit

  • Seaweeds: harvesting, food, and medicine

  • Tradition, culture, and lore surrounding plants that grow in our region

Kristy walks between the scientific and spiritual worlds of herbalism. Through direct experience with plants, making medicine, and research, she guides an intimate, holistic and wondrous journey with herbs.
— Colleen Stewart, 2017 Participant

Program Includes:

  • 24 sessions from March–October

  • including 1-2 day field trip adventures in our area

  • sessions with Ryan Drum and other experts in the plant world

  • 2-3 student projects and presentations

Open to novices and those with experience alike with the prerequisite: "Principles of Herbal Medicine and the Chemistry of Medicine Making" offered in 2019. 

Limited spaces available. 

Applications are due by February 1, 2020. You will be notified of your acceptance by March 1. Classes will begin mid-March 2020.

Cost is $1500 for the entire course, not including transportation for field trips, suggested reference books, and personal tincture bottles. 

Payment plans, work-trade, hosting, and other discounts available.

For more information, questions, or to apply, please contact Kristy.

Kristy’s intimacy with the native plants of the region and her knowledge of their medicinal uses is inspiring. She is a generous and knowledgeable teacher, and has created an in-depth experiential apprenticeship that is fun, enlivening, and educational.
— Norris Carlson,2017 Participant

Apprenticeship Program 2018 Mountain Rose Herbs Giving Project Application Video

About Ryan Drum, Ph.D.

Renowned herbalist and seaweed expert Ryan Drum has a BSc in Chemical Technology and a PhD in Botany from Iowa State University. While a NATO Scholar, he did postdoctoral studies on Cell Biology using the Electron Microscope and Microcine at the Universities of Bonn, Germany and Leeds, England. For 10 years he taught Botany and related subjects at Universities (UMASS, UCLA, WWU).

He studied Herbal Medicine with Ella Birzneck, founder of Dominion Herbal College in B.C. for 12 years, and taught at their summer seminars for 35 years. He has been an adjunct faculty at Bastyr University since 1984, and he lectures at major herbal conferences and herbal schools.


The proud father of three wonderful children and two fantastic grandchildren, he lives in a rustic little hilltop cabin he built 40 years ago on a remote island, off the grid, without indoor plumbing or refrigeration.